Ways To Inspect Your Air Ducts

Cleaning air ducts doesn’t have to be a complex task. In this article, we will discuss how to properly check your air ducts in order to quickly determine if they need a deep clean or a simple clean is all that they need.

The first step in checking your air ducts is to first determine where exactly the air ducts are inside your home. Air intakes for furnaces and for other HVAC systems can be found on the outside of homes, usually directly below or behind the unit itself. Indoor air returns will be located where the air can either be pushed through by an HVAC blower or pulled in by the furnace. The best places to check for air returns are near windows, doors, and other openings within your home.

Once you’ve checked these locations, move your attention to possible cracks or leaks. This will require you to remove drywall for inspection. If you find a crack or a leak within the ducts, there are two possible courses of action. First, seal any leaks with caulk and make sure that no further contaminants will enter through the cracks. 

Hire An Air Duct Cleaning Expert

Most people think that regular carpet and dry cleaning is enough to keep their homes clean. As a matter of fact, if you want your home to be free from dust, mites, and allergens then you need to change how you think about keeping it clean. 

Cleaning the surface only gives the illusion of a clean house because all the germs and dust are still hidden in your home. On the other hand, professional air duct cleaning is a service that actually removes all the dirt from within the duct system of your home. In return, you’ll be able to breathe quality air for many years because you won’t have any allergens or pollutants inside the walls.

Therefore, don’t let yourself feel like you’re doing the complete job. If you want your home to be free and safe from dust and allergies then it’s best that you hire a professional duct cleaning service.

You’ll discover that they have modern tools that will sanitize, deodorize and completely clean every part of the air duct system in your home. That includes the dryer vent, kitchen exhaust, and any other duct that is connected to your heating and cooling system. They can remove all the dust and allergens from these systems so you’ll be breathing quality air for many years to come.

Repair Or Replace Your Air Ducts?

The thought of cleaning your air ducts may seem like a tedious task, but it is well worth your time and can have some other added benefits.

Regular maintenance should be done on all the HVAC systems that are used to maintain optimal airflow throughout your home or office. However, there are many different ways that you can go about doing this.

Most people will think that it’s best to just clean the air ducts, but what you should really be considering is whether or not your air ducts should be replaced. This is because your air ducts are the medium through which fresh air enters your house to be circulated throughout. Over time, these can become dirty or clogged with dust and debris. If you allow this to happen, it will affect the quality of the gas that flows into your home without you even knowing about it.

You should. There are some instances where cleaning the air ducts isn’t always the best option and it may be better for you to simply replace them instead.